Successful Big 4 internships are an integral step in your career path. Big 4 firms shape and mold you by giving you real-world experience. So, do not take this experience for granted. The end goal of an internship is to make it as successful as possible so that the odds of you landing a job offer increase.

Successful Big 4 Internship Secret #1: Learn the Company Culture

I hate to break it to you, but having homework assignments doesn’t end once you take your last final. Consequently, it’s essential to gain an understanding of the culture. As millennials, we are growing up in a society where the work environment is fast-paced and steadily changing.

The company culture is important because it depicts the ways in which an organization communicates and interacts with people both internally and externally. Further, the culture of a company stimulates company growth and success. So, there is no better way to learn about a company’s culture than interning with them. While on the job, make sure to talk to other interns and staff employees to get a feel for the culture and environment.

Successful Big 4 Internship Secret #2: Be Strong and Passionate

Remember, you are an intern. So, your company will not expect you to make a big financial decision that determines the outcome of their future. However, while this weight may not be placed on your shoulders, an intern should always be strong and passionate in whatever task they are assigned and do it with diligence. DO NOT complain. Always put your best foot forward and give 100%. Your team will notice these traits and think highly of you.

Big 4 Internship Secret #3: Be Organized

The main purpose of being organized is having the ability to do more with less. Also, organization allows you to get things done quickly, efficiently, and neatly. During your internship, ask your supervisor roughly how long each assigned task should take. Knowing how long to spend on each task allows you to properly plan. To be organized:

  • Take notes: Taking notes while being assigned a task can help you and your supervisor save time. You can always refer back to your notes if you are unsure of how you were supposed to do something. So, always carry a notepad with you and never be unprepared to take notes.
  • Use checklists: Checklists help to ensure that you get everything done.
  • Schedule personal breaks: Your breaks are not to exceed 5-10 minutes. Your brain has been working all day. Get up, use the restroom, and let your eyes rest from the computer screen.
  • Keep your workspace clear: Too much clutter tends to stress people out.

Successful Big 4 Internship Secret #4: Establish Relationships with the People Around You

As human beings, we are naturally social. Being in an environment where you know people by name or can rely on someone for something gives us a sense of community and purpose. Whether you might end up meeting your BFF during your internship or not cannot be determined just yet. Nonetheless, have an open mind while you are on the job. Further, take advantage of firm events, like Big 4 happy hours. You can get to know your peers and higher-ups a lot more when you attend events outside of the workplace.

Building a relationship with other interns and staff can make or break the intern experience. Try your best to have mutual respect, be open to diversity, and have honest communication with others.

Big 4 Internship Secret #5: Ask for Feedback

Asking your supervisor for feedback after you complete a task will set you apart from other interns. It says you are aware that you are not perfect. Also, it can help you improve your skills and increase your efficiency in future tasks. However, do not ask blindly and always be prepared for your supervisor’s response. Whatever feedback you receive, make sure to read it carefully and make note of what you can change in the future.