The first step in the journey to a job offer is writing an impressive Big 4 resume. Second, if your resume shines, you’ll be able to impress recruiters and hiring managers alike and land an interview!

Instead of guessing at what should be included on your resume, take a look at what our experts know recruiters are looking for. Set yourself up for success and get the best chance at being invited to interview.

Inside the book: guide to big 4 resumes

After seeing hundreds of resumes for various positions across our time in the industry, we’ve put together some of the crucial information that every successful candidate has.

Get strategic information on what to include and how to state it alongside templates and examples that give you the framework you need to stand out.

You’ll receive:

See how resumes are sorted and what buzzwords help
Advice on submitting your resume to a target firm
Action verbs and cover letters managers love
Advice on soft skills that can affect your performance
Expertly crafted resume templates to get you hired.
Find out what gets people rejected 

Who’s the guide for?

Whether you’re looking for your next career move, your first internship, or your first job post-graduation, this book will help you perfect your resume to get past the recruiter and get you into an interview. 

what have our customers said?

Kelly W. | Received Deloitte Offer

“I was able to answer almost all of my Deloitte interview questions based off the ones I read in the book. It was so much less stressful knowing that I would have good answers to the questions; I felt relaxed and it improved my performance.”

Blake F. | Internship Offer

“The answers the book gives to these questions really helped me to think about how I could frame my past experiences in class to get me a job. I was definitely way more prepared than I was last year.”

Kishan A. | Received PwC Offer

“I had done poorly on my first interviews last cycle – I used this guide for my phone interview and my super-day interviews and secured an offer to start in the next class in a large regional office focused on audit.”

Robert S. | Received Two Offers

“After missing out an internship going into my senior year, I was worried about recruiting. I used this to get some interviews on campus and wound up with two offers for post-grad. Thanks for the help.”