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I’ll Help You Find the Best CPA Review course!

Finding the right CPA review course is an important first step to pass the CPA Exam on your first try. I’ve been in your shoes, so let me help! I’ll lead you to the best sample CPA questions and even some free CPA study material.

Stephanie Ng, CPA

When I took the CPA Exam, I passed it on the first try. You can do it, too, if you study with the right CPA practice questions. To help you trust me, I’ll even share my scores! AUD – 88; BEC – 87; FAR – 92; REG – 84.

After passing all four CPA Exam parts, I wrote a best-selling CPA study guide to help other candidates pass. And while I have other accounting credentials, too, here’s what you need to know: I have personally reviewed all these courses and sources of CPA sample questions. And therefore, based on my experience, I’m sure you’ll find the CPA study material for your learning preferences, study habits, and budget.

Passing the CPA Exam

CPA Review Courses Comparison Disclosure
Disclosure: The I Pass Team may earn a small amount of compensation if you purchase CPA review courses from our links; however, our team uses these revenues to maintain the site and produce awesome free content just for you!

CPA Review Courses

Course OptionsBecker CPA ReviewSurgent CPA ReviewGleim CPA ReviewWiley CPAexcelRoger CPA Review
Claim to FameLong track record of helping CPA candidates passPredicts your actual CPA Exam scoreCPA test bankMost practice MCQsUnique & engaging lectures
Pricing for 4 PartsGet PriceGet Price$1,999Get PriceGet Price
CPA DiscountSave 35%Save 25%Save 25-40%Save $840Save $750+
# of Lecture Hours275+100+100+140100+
# of MC Questions8,100+7,700+​10,000+12,0006,000+
# of Simulations500+​4171,300+500+400
Audio Review [1]
Final Review or Cram Course
Access Time LimitUntil You PassUntil You PassUntil You PassUntil You PassUntil You Pass
Mobile AppFlashcard App Only
Pass RateNot published88%Unpublished9 out of 1091%
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Top Sources of CPA Study material

In the list below, I’ve included information about the top places to find practice CPA questions. For example, you can learn about the unique qualities of the top review courses. I’ve also included facts about their MCQs, sample simulations, mock exams, and overall approach to learning. From this information, you can start to decide which study method is best for you.

And further down, you’ll also find some tips on how to study with each course.

Surgent CPA Questions

what’s important

Surgent’s CPA Study Materials

Surgent is a popular source for CPA study materials because the course helps you study better. And ultimately, that means you can study faster. Surgent’s courses come with 8,200 multiple-choice questions and 450+ simulations.

Jack Surgent and Liz Kolar, the company’s founders who lead the nano-sized video lectures, are both well-respected educators. Plus, they are veterans in the CPA education industry. Therefore, Surgent has high-quality example CPA Exam questions accompanied by answer explanations, instructional videos, and more tools to help you study.

Personalized CPA study guide

Surgent courses include a study guide that is based on your exam date and how much time you have to study. And then, each day, you will receive a list of questions that you should practice. Your questions will be grouped by topic, and you’ll study a certain number of topics every day to stay on track. In this way, Surgent leads you through the questions you should practice, which takes a lot of stress out of studying.

Adaptive learning technology + MyMCQ

Surgent uses an adaptive e-learning platform called A.S.A.P. Technology that helps candidates study faster. In short, this system gives you questions based on your weaker content areas. Plus, Surgent’s new MyMCQ feature bases the difficulty level of your practice questions on your prior performance. So as you master content, you’ll start to see harder questions.

Therefore, first-timers and re-takers alike find it really efficient to study with Surgent because they don’t waste time studying what they already know. In fact, according to Surgent, their adaptive technology means candidates can lower CPA Exam prep time to as little as 42-54 hours per section, on average. At the same time, the overall CPA Exam pass rate for Surgent’s users is 92%.


Surgent’s courses have a unique feature—the ReadySCORE. When you study with Surgent, you start with an initial assessment quiz. Based on your answers, you get a score that estimates how you would do on the “real” CPA Exam if you took it that day. As you work through practice questions, you’ll have the chance to improve your score. And when your ReadySCORE indicates that you’ve mastered most of the content, you’re ready to take the exam!

Best parts of Surgent’s CPA questions

Surgent gives you plenty of MCQs and SIMs to practice. And because of MyMCQ and the A.S.A.P. Technology, Surgent can save you up to 400 study hours. Therefore, it’s one of the best courses for reducing study time because of its top-rated adaptive technology. Plus, Surgent’s study materials are affordable for many candidates, especially with my discount code.


Surgent has high-quality questions supported by an award-winning lecturer, an adaptive learning platform with online tracking, real-time algorithms and a ReadySCORE that details your performance, and a strong pass rate — all included in your Surgent package. However, Surgent does not offer live or live online classes or one-on-one tutoring support, if you gravitate toward that kind of instruction. But still, you can discover even more details about the Surgent practice exam questions in these Surgent CPA FAQs.

Becker CPA Review
Excellent lecture notes, MCQs, and software
The materials are comprehensive and user-friendly.
Big 4 endorsement
The Big 4 recommends ​Becker CPA review courses and often provides the online CPA review courses to employees. But, Becker isn’t only for the Big 4.
Constantly updated materials
Becker employs a professional team to update the materials on a regular basis. Also, even with the consistent updates, there are very few typos and errors. If there ever is an error, Becker does a good job of posting the updates to their website for everyone to see.
A bit expensive
If you use your own money to pay full price for this course, then you’re subsidizing the deep discounts Becker offers to companies through its partnership program. Not fair!
Overrated live classes
In the Becker CPA Review courses live classes, the “lecturer” shows you a pre-recorded lecture in a classroom and tells you to “circle this, highlight that” for 8 hours straight. Additionally, the quality of the “lecturers” (whose main job is to turn on and off the pre-recorded video) is really mixed. Check out my experience with the Becker CPA Review Course.
Expensive re-take
The Becker Advantage CPA Review course’s online software license expires in 24 months, which is usually not enough time for many candidates to finish their studies. On top of that, re-taking the classes costs $1,500-$2,000+ (50% of the retail price). Therefore, I suggest picking a course with unlimited access that doesn’t expire, like the Becker Pro or Premium courses.
If you have to pay for Becker yourself (i.e., your firm doesn’t offer it for free), make sure you have the budget to accommodate the cost for Becker. Becker CPA does have great notes, but other CPA review courses have great notes, too.

If you have the budget and your course’s name and prestige are important, then this course could be a good fit for you.

Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review
Bite-sized lectures
The Wiley lectures are just the right length for learning without getting overwhelmed or bored. The lecture length ranges from a couple of minutes to ~ 30 minutes. Furthermore, the lecturers are actively-teaching professors from various renowned universities.
Partner Until You Pass Guarantee
This policy is the most generous in the industry: a real, no-gimmick, no-nonsense offer. And knowing you have free online content and courseware updates until you pass means there’s no more pressure to finish within 12 months or have to pay for a retake!
State-of-the-art technology
CPAexcel’s online CPA review courses fully utilize the capabilities of online connectivity by churning out a personalized study planner and a collection of diagnostic charts and analyses for you. As a financial analyst by profession, I find this quality very attractive.
Highly recommended
Wiley has a highly recommended program. According to Wiley, 9 out of 10 users pass. Additionally, the course is endorsed by one of the Big 4 firms.
A slightly confusing course catalog
When I first visited the site, I found the course catalog a little intimidating because you can apparently pick and choose what you want in your course. But when you think about it, the fact that they give you options for your CPA Exam prep can be a good thing, as you only pay for what you want. So, if you’re willing to spend the time to look around and learn about the various offers, you can get everything you need.
Better suited for e-course learners
If you need live support throughout your studies, like someone who will talk to you in person or on the phone to provide answers and explanations, you might take issue with the heavily computer-based Wiley system. Similarly, if you like to interact with your textbook by taking notes, highlighting sentences, and circling terms, Wiley may not be right for you.
The CPA Exam features a LOT of content, but you don’t have a lot of time. For that reason, Wiley CPA Review courses are especially suitable for busy candidates juggling work and family commitments. If you’d prefer to intake all that CPA Exam content in small, easy-to-digest portions when you need to keep your study session short, Wiley is the course for you.

Gleim CPA Review
Great practice test prep software
The Gleim practice questions are tough and great for those who want to build more confidence for passing. The Gleim CPA test bank is also well-loved for the huge number of questions it has. Not surprisingly, this test prep is a good supplement to other lecture-heavy courses.
Thoughtfully designed

With SmartAdapt technology, the Gleim system is easy to navigate and adaptive. It also teaches you how to study effectively by encouraging you to strengthen your weak areas and learn from your mistakes. Moreover, the course includes university professor-led video lectures that go over difficult CPA Exam topics and multiple-choice questions. And since the course is divided into Gleim study units, you don’t feel overwhelmed with the material. 

Help from Personal Counselors
When you purchase the Gleim CPA Review System, you’ll receive access to a Personal Counselor for the entirety of your CPA journey. These counselors aren’t accounting gurus, but they are very knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging. They coordinate with the in-house experts to get you the answers you need. They also help you customize your study plans and stay on track for success.
The full 4-part Gleim CPA Review System costs $1,999 for the Premium version and $1,599 for the Traditional version (save an additional 20%-50% here). These prices make Gleim one of the most affordable among CPA Exam prep providers.
Dull video lectures
While Gleim has over 100 hours of professor-led video lectures covering the most important concepts and walking you through real-world examples, these are not the most interesting or inspiring videos on the market. The information is good, but the presentation is a bit boring. If accounting videos must be packed with action to hold your attention, you should probably pass on Gleim.
Somewhat overwhelming books

The books are very detailed although they are broken up by study unit. As a result, some of my readers really like the comprehensiveness, but others think it’s too much. Sometimes, to get through the books, you have to pick and choose what you need to study.

Gleim is an exceptional choice for those who prefer self-study but need occasional help from a Personal Counselor and accounting experts. In addition, Gleim’s test bank is a great alternative to the Wiley test bank if you’re looking for additional online practice questions.

UWorld Roger CPA Review

Most unique course technology
The new SmartPath system that Roger has developed is like no other on the market. It uses predictive technology to help you study efficiently, but what we find most exciting is the new way it helps students learn. Specifically, the course tracks your progress toward targeted goals, serves you the right questions (not just more questions), adapts to you, and guides you on a clear path to success.
Entertaining lectures
Roger Philipp (the founder) has a very distinct teaching style — it’s entertaining and intense. In fact, it’s so engaging that you feel like you’re taking live CPA review courses. For this reason, many of his students are die-hard fans. So, in this area, Roger gets high CPA review courses ratings.
Guaranteed quality
Roger writes his own notes. He also records the lectures for every class so you know who is teaching you and what their qualifications are.
Not very detailed
Roger purposely skips the non-critical parts of the exam content. As a result, some students love it, but others may struggle to catch up. If you want to know as much as you can about accounting for the CPA Exam and your career (as all that extra accounting information is good for both), you won’t get the content coverage you’re looking for in Roger’s course.
Small test bank
Compared to some other courses, the Roger CPA Review test bank is lacking. It doesn’t have very many multiple-choice questions or task-based simulations. Consequently, if you’re the kind of candidate who really likes to drill questions to build confidence and you purchase the Roger CPA Review course, you’ll want a test bank supplement like Gleim.
The high-tech course platform is excellent. The technology sets Roger’s course apart from any other CPA Exam prep and should be a big help to many candidates. As a result, candidates who prefer an instructor who makes accounting interesting and technology that saves study time should give Roger a try.

My General CPA Review Recommendations
I try to keep this list of CPA prep courses as objective as I can. But, since many of you ask which provider I generally prefer, I’ll tell you what I think are the best CPA​ prep courses and supplements.
Go with Surgent to:
  • ​Pass the CPA Exam with far fewer study hours
  • ​Use laser-focused analytics to determine when you’re ready to sit for the CPA Exam
  • ​Get access to some of the best guarantees and instructors available

Go with ​Surgent

Go with Gleim to:
  • Self-study effectively
  • Get personalized support from real people
  • Keep your CPA review affordable with a complete course costing less than $1,600
  • Benefit from the free trial and money-back guarantee

Go with Gleim

Go with Wiley to:
  • Watch short, bite-sized videos that keep you from dozing off
  • Enjoy a detailed performance tracking platform
  • Learn from a course with an impressive record (9 out of 10 passed)
  • Benefit from the free trial

Go with Wiley

Go with NINJA to:
  • Pass the CPA Exam without breaking the bank
  • ​Supplement your current CPA ​course with additional materials (Notes, Audio, MCQ), all at an affordable price
  • ​Get a unique ​perspective ​on the materials (Jeff uses some humor when explaining things)

Go with NINJA

Best CPA Exam Supplements and Course Features
Best CPA Test Banks
The CPA Exam Blueprints reveal that the exam contains hundreds of questions about hundreds of topics. Additionally, the exam questions could be about anything relating to the topics. So, you’ll need to answer a lot of practice questions to be ready to pass.

A test bank is a collection of questions previously released by the AICPA or written by the review provider. The benefits of using a big test bank include increased exposure to the exam content, opportunities to strengthen weak areas, and familiarity with the testing environment. You’ll also enjoy a decreased chance of memorizing the questions.

Test bank size varies greatly among CPA review courses. That being said, a few review providers have compiled the biggest and best test banks available. These providers are Gleim, Wiley, and NINJA.

1. Wiley CPA Test Bank
The Wiley Online Test Bank has 6,000 practice questions with detailed answer rationales and 200 TBS. Although, the Wiley Platinum Course test bank is bigger with 12,000 questions and 500+ TBSs. You can purchase the Wiley Online CPA Exam Test Bank separately, but you’ll get more questions and a complete review when you purchase the Wiley CPA Platinum Course.
2. Gleim CPA Mega Test Bank
The Gleim CPA Mega Test Bank contains over 10,000 unique questions and simulations as well as detailed answer explanations for every question. Once again though, the Gleim Premium Course features more questions: over 13,000, which includes 1,300+ TBSs. Without this Gleim CPA discount, the Gleim test bank costs almost twice as much as Wiley’s, but it supplies almost twice as many questions. The Gleim Premium Course costs less than the Wiley Platinum Course, especially with this Gleim CPA discount.
3. NINJA CPA Review
​NINJA CPA Review is a popular CPA subscription service that allows you to access a variety of learning tools, one of which ​is a test bank. The NINJA CPA Review test bank includes thousands of questions​. Plus, it utilizes an adaptive learning algorithm so that you can focus on your weak areas. This test bank is a great supplement to any CPA review course.

I recommend using one of these test banks if you prefer to drill questions and build your confidence by completing lots of practice exams and quizzes.

Best CPA Review Video Lectures
For study sessions that feel a little less like studying, watch video lectures. They’re video recordings of instructors teaching about the exam concepts and questions. With video lectures, you can process information faster and retain it longer, deepen your understanding, engage with concepts more enjoyably, and have more convenient study sessions.

CPA Review Course# of Video Lecture Hours
Becker CPA Review275+
Wiley CPAexcel140+
Roger CPA Review100+
Surgent CPA Review350+ short videos
Gleim CPA Review100+

With review courses providing comparable video lecture hour totals across the board, base your CPA course decision on the quality rather than the quantity of the video lectures. While some video lecture series are confusing or dull, they’re the sweet spot for other courses. The Becker CPA Review video lectures are the most comprehensive, the Roger CPA Review video lectures are the most entertaining, and the Wiley video lectures are the most condensed.

1. Becker CPA Review

Becker has the highest number of video lecture hours in the industry. Therefore, Becker covers more CPA Exam content in their video lectures than anyone else, making them the ideal course for audio and visual learners. What’s more, Becker has created their exclusive SkillMaster videos that serve as private tutoring sessions for all 400+ of Becker’s TBSs. Finally, a team of CPAs, Ph.Ds, and accounting, law, or business professionals with real-world experience lead the Becker lectures, so the instruction is accurate, insightful, and helpful.

2. Roger CPA Review

These videos feature high-quality, entertaining lectures led by Roger Philipp himself. Roger CPA Review aims to be an effective, efficient, and enjoyable course, and the video lectures greatly aid the achievement of that goal. In reality, Roger is a professional, energetic, and competent teacher, so his video lectures are among the best on the market.

3. Wiley CPAexcel 

The Wiley video lectures rise above the rest for mastering the bite-sized format. Wiley has created plenty of short, manageable video lectures that help you absorb the information quickly and avoid snoozing. The Wiley lecturers are also experienced professionals who know their stuff, so you can take your learning to the next level.

If you plan to integrate video lectures into your exam studies, you should hold out for video lectures that you love. I believe you’ll find them in one of these three courses.

Best CPA Exam Multiple-Choice Questions
The majority of the CPA Exam is multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and these aren’t your typical MCQs. Rather, these questions test you for refined skills like application and analysis, as defined by the CPA Exam Blueprints.

You must do more than just memorize formulas to answer exam MCQs successfully. Instead, to achieve the levels of knowledge needed to perform well on the MCQs, you must consistently answer with exam-caliber practice questions. Realistically difficult MCQs are an important CPA review component, so you need a course that delivers them.

CPA Review Course# of MCQs
Wiley CPAexcel12,000
Gleim CPA Review​10,000+
Becker CPA Review8,100+
Surgent CPA Review8,200+
Roger CPA Review6,000+

Two courses are known for having the most and the best MCQs.

1. Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley probably gives you more practice questions than you need, but that’s a good thing. In fact, Wiley provides so many MCQs that you might never see the same one twice, which will keep you from memorizing them. Furthermore, Wiley has been in the business long enough to know how to write an MCQ that sounds like what you’ll see on the CPA Exam. So, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your knowledge where the exam expects it to be.

2. Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA Review is another course that has built its reputation on quality questions. Gleim also supplies you with a mountain of MCQs. And with over 40 years in the industry, Gleim also has every AICPA-released MCQ. On top of that, Gleim’s detailed answer explanations accompany every MCQ.

The 2 MCQ testlets on each exam section contribute 50% of your score, so I suggest you weight MCQs about as heavily in your review course decision.

Best CPA Exam Task-Based Simulations
The CPA Exam intends to ensure you’re ready for the real-word responsibilities of a CPA. Therefore, the exam features questions simulating the tasks of a CPA called task-based simulations (TBSs). TBSs require you to use information provided to do things like fill out tax forms, enter amounts into a spreadsheet, or review a document.

TBSs are a significant part of the CPA Exam. For this reason, they should be a significant element of your CPA review course. Some providers craft TBSs reflecting actual exam sims better than others, so you’ll want to prioritize courses excelling in simulations.

The number of practice TBSs is also crucial, and it varies greatly.

CPA Review Course# of TBSs
Gleim CPA Review1,300+
Wiley CPAexcel500+
Becker CPA Review400+
Roger CPA Review400
Surgent CPA Review450+

I’ve found the TBSs of 3 CPA review courses to be the best in class.

1. Gleim CPA Review

Not only does Gleim CPA Review offer the most TBSs, but they also present the highest quality TBSs. Most every Gleim TBS meets the CPA Exam’s standards. As a result, your knowledge can meet the exam’s standards as well. TBSs are too important to not position Gleim near the top of your list based on simulations alone.

2. Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley has the second most TBSs, and theirs also represent the real thing in both appearance and difficulty level. Wiley updates their test bank regularly to maintain the accuracy of their TBSs. Furthermore, they also offer performance tracking so you can assess your progress.

3. Becker CPA Review

Like Wiley, Becker CPA Review also offers 400+ TBSs. What’s more, Becker has created an exclusive video series designed to help candidates master TBSs, the most challenging type of CPA Exam question. This series, called SkillMaster videos, contains a step-by-step tutorial for overcoming every single one of Becker’s 400+ TBSs.

Due to their elevated difficulty and different types, the more practice TBSs you get, the better. You’ll get plenty in these three courses.

Best CPA Review Audio Lectures
Want to study for the CPA Exam on the go? Then make audio lectures the playlist of your exam journey. Audio lectures are pretty self-explanatory: they’re the auditory content of a lecture. So, they’re ideal for auditory learners or candidates wanting to maximize their time.

The point of audio lectures is to let you study for the exam when you’re simultaneously occupied with less demanding tasks like exercising, cleaning, or commuting. All of the review courses with audio lectures allow you to download and access them via whichever listening device you desire.

To determine which audio lectures you need, consider the amount of content coverage they offer (do they skimp on the details or thoroughly address explanations and examples?) and the lecturer’s teaching style (do they hold you at rapt attention or threaten to put you to sleep?).

The course with audio lectures that meets both criteria is ​NINJA CPA Review. The Gleim CPA Review lectures are also a good option.


1. NINJA CPA Review

NINJA CPA Review offers the most popular and best-selling audio lectures. These audio lectures cover the essentials and let you make the most of every minute until exam day. The audio lectures come with the NINJA CPA monthly package.

And NINJA CPA Review has freshly-recorded lectures available; no rips of the video lessons here!

2. Gleim CPA Review

The Gleim CPA Review audio lectures are professionally done and offer thorough coverage as well. While they are not as entertaining as Roger’s, they still provide good information. On top of that, you can stream or download them according to your preference.

If audio lectures are an important review component for you, then you’ll find these audio lectures to be the most comprehensive and effective available.

Best CPA Review Study Planners
Passing the CPA Exam involves making plans about the exam requirements, applications, dates, etc. Thankfully, when it comes to making a study plan, your course can help you out with a CPA Exam study planner.

Not every course contains a study planner. But of the planners available, I’ve found the interactive, adaptive ones are best for keeping you on track for success. In my opinion, a quality study planner is straightforward, which means it’s simple and intuitive. It should also be customizable in that it generates a personalized agenda incorporating your days off. Finally, it should adjust by recording your progress, modifying due dates as necessary, and holding you accountable. Study planners meeting these criteria come from Surgent CPA Review, Wiley CPA Review, and Gleim CPA Review.

1. Surgent CPA Review

The study planner in Surgent CPA Review is definitely one of the best because it is based entirely on your schedule and your daily learning progress. Your exam date and days when you’re not available to study dictate your overall study schedule. Then, your daily study plan (daily surge) adapts according to how well you performed in previous lessons.

2. Wiley CPAexcel

The Wiley CPAexcel study planner is very impressive. After you order your exams, add testing appointment dates, and input your availability, the planner produces a tailored schedule of sessions and assessments that’s easy to follow and modify. And, if you don’t know your exam dates, the planner suggests a schedule to get you started.

3. Gleim CPA Review

The Gleim CPA Review study planner is just as good, as it also lets you insert all your schedule information and study preferences before revealing a realistic plan. Equally important, the Gleim study planner adapts when you add or remove blackout dates. It also texts or emails you about missed study sessions.

To ensure you pick the best test date and are totally prepared in time, you must determine how fast you want to pass, find time in your schedule for regular study sessions, average 1-2 study hours a day, and figure out when you can finish studying. The interactive study planners in these courses makes this entire process much easier.

Best Customer Support
A good CPA ​course covers the exam content, a great course features a variety of study materials, and the best course goes above and beyond to support you as you study. In reality, phenomenal customer service is a hidden gem of quality CPA review, and only a few courses truly provide it.

Contact via phone, email, live chat, and social messaging comes standard for many CPA review providers. However, a select few outfit their courses with access to teams of experts. Such extra steps enable these providers to really distinguish themselves. To that end, the 2 that I find have the best customer support are Gleim CPA Review and Wiley CPAexcel.

1. Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA Review has an outstanding reputation for customer support for 3 reasons. First, Gleim offers access to exam mentors called Personal Counselors who will help you create a study plan, supply advice, answer questions, and extend encouragement as needed. Second, the Gleim team also includes technical experts who will assist you with any computer or course access problems. Third, Gleim has made it easy for you to tap into the knowledge of their accounting experts by incorporating a practice question inquiry system into their course.

2. Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley CPAexcel offers its own trio of candidate services. First, the Partner Until You Pass Guarantee gives you free online content and courseware updates until you pass. Second, their professor mentoring lets you receive online support from subject-expert professors. Finally, the Virtual Classroom series includes live, online instruction and support.

Study aid like this can make a world of difference in the speed and success of your CPA Exam studies. With this in mind, you really should regard review providers who offer such extraordinary customer service and personalized coaching above those that don’t.

Best CPA Exam Cram Courses
There are two scenarios in which you may prefer to cram for the CPA Exam: when you want to pass super fast or when you want to feel super prepared. In either instance, a cram course can help you out. A cram course is a condensed review of critical exam topics with a limited period of access. They’re basically a study insurance policy designed to ensure you have all the facts, definitions, dates, rates, and formulas memorized before exam day.

Though several are distinct courses, most cram courses are supplementary: you take them only after you’ve completed a more comprehensive ​CPA study guide. In some instances (but not most), you can only purchase the cram course if you’re already using another course from that review provider.

The two providers with cram courses that stand out are Roger CPA Review and Yaeger CPA Review.

1. Roger CPA Review

Roger’s online cram course comes with everything you need to boost your CPA Exam score by up to 10 points in a short period of time. With 2 months of access, you get 10 to 25-minute micro lesson lectures, practice questions on the lectures with in-depth explanations, and succinct digital textbooks.

2. Yaeger CPA Review

The Yaeger cram course also serves as a final wrap up that can increase your points. The course uses video lectures to solidify must-know concepts in your mind. What’s more, it also comes with digital textbooks.

If you are very nervous about the CPA Exam and don’t feel confident in your preparations as exam day closes in, you might want to invest in one of these quality cram courses.

Best CPA Exam Flashcards
They may not be the most technologically advanced study tool, but flashcards still offer some tried-and-true advantages that can help you pass the CPA Exam.

Flashcards are great for memorizing definitions, formulas, journal entries, and anything else you’re struggling to understand. While making your own increases your comprehension and retention of the information, buying pre-made flashcards saves time and effort. Consequently, if you want to experience the convenience of these handy study aids without getting a cramp in your hand, you should purchase flashcards from these 3 providers.

1. Roger CPA Review

Roger CPA Review gives you flashcard options. On the one hand, you can select the digital flashcards that are accessible via phone or tablet to stimulate your memory and develop active recall. With the digital flashcards, you can flag cards you’ve mastered and even break the deck down by topic. On the other hand, you can choose the printed flashcards. These section-specific collections keep things simple by including an assortment of over 200 terms, mnemonics, and summaries of foundational CPA Exam concepts.

2. Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley’s flashcards only come in printed packs, but there are 250 cards for each section. Authored by an award-winning CPA candidate, these flashcards promise to reinforce your understanding of content areas in the CPA Exam Blueprints, pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, and give you even more chances to challenge yourself.

3. Surgent CPA Review

Surgent CPA has created a complete set of spiral-bound printed flashcards for all 4 exam sections. The set includes 250 AUD, 250 BEC, 300 FAR, and 250 REG flashcards that cover over 1,000 terms and definitions in total. And Surgent updates their flashcards quarterly so that they always match the latest CPA Exam Blueprints. Surgent’s printed flashcards come with the Premier and Ultimate courses or can be purchased separately. However, Surgent also has 2,200 digital flashcards in their free flashcard app. The fact that no purchase is necessary to access these flashcards makes them useful even if you make your own flashcards as well.

The Wiley, Roger, and Surgent flashcards are inexpensive study tools targeting the tricky exam topics that most candidates struggle with, so they’re worth the money. Try one of these flashcard options to enjoy the benefits of flashcards fast.

Best CPA Exam Mobile Apps
You always have your phone with you, right? Well, depending on the provider you choose, that means you could always have your CPA review course with you as well.

This convenience is made possible by the mobile apps some CPA review providers have created to complement their courses. Whenever you have a chance to glance at your phone or tablet, you have a chance to study thanks to mobile apps.

The functionality of CPA Exam mobile apps varies. Some contain digital flashcards, others create quizzes, a few encompass an entire course, and one is a game. Each has their pros and cons, but the 2 best mobile apps come from Roger CPA Review and Wiley CPAexcel.

1. WileyCPAexcel

The Wiley CPA mobile app is a must for Wiley users. This fantastic app includes 140+ hours of the Wiley video lectures, 10,000+ practice questions with explanations, and 4,000+ digital flashcards. The app syncs with the online course so that both resources track your study progress, which is awesome. On top of that, you can even use the app to study offline when you don’t have internet access.

2. Roger CPA Review

Roger has 2 great mobile apps. The first is the flashcards app, which I recommended above. The second is a multiple-choice questions quiz app. This app lets you study from a test bank of over 3,500 AICPA-released questions and learn more about the answers to these questions with expert-written explanations. On top of that, you can even keep track of your score, bookmark specific questions, and use a calculator and timer just like those found on the CPA Exam.

Mobile apps are so popular and easy to use that studying for the CPA Exam with one just feels natural. If you agree, choose one of these mobile apps to expand your opportunities to review.

What Is a CPA Review Course?
If you’re on the fence about purchasing a CPA review course, allow me to provide some more explanation about what a CPA review course is. A CPA review course is a collection of self-study resources designed to prepare CPA Exam candidates to pass by teaching them about the exam content. You can access most CPA course components online. Unless they are supplements, most courses include everything you need to pass, such as:
Digital or Physical Books
A bank of Practice Questions and Simulations
A Study
Tracking Software
Services Access
Time Access
Some must-have CPA study materials from this list include books, practice questions and simulations, and a study planner. Helpful but less essential elements would be video lectures, flashcards, audio lectures, and adaptive technology. Finally, elite courses offer convenient guarantees like access that doesn’t expire. These guarantees are especially handy if finishing the exam takes you longer than 18 months (which is the length of access for some courses). Furthermore, you can purchase CPA prep courses for each exam part separately or as a complete set. Once you purchase a course, the only other thing you need to pass is the determination and willpower to keep studying!
Do You Really Need a CPA ​Study Course?
In short, yes. Almost every CPA candidate does because of the nature of the CPA Exam. The CPA Exam is a challenging test covering an extensive amount of information. After all, the exam’s purpose is to ensure that candidates possess the knowledge and abilities required of modern Certified Public Accountants. To tackle this noble goal, the CPA Exam features 4 sections with hundreds of questions each and assesses candidates at very high levels of skill. So, unless you’ve just graduated and have a photographic memory like Sheldon Cooper, you’ll need the guidance and evaluation that only a CPA course can offer. In general, CPA study material benefits candidates in 3 specific ways.
1st CPA Review Course Benefit: Content Coverage
The best CPA review courses cover and present the exam content in a convenient and efficient way.

The AICPA does provide a free practice exam, but because this exam contains only a handful of questions, it can’t replace a CPA test bank. The AICPA also shares some very general information about what’s on the exam in the form of the CPA Exam Blueprints. However, these documents are an inadequate substitute for a review course as well because they don’t go into great detail. Consequently, filling in the gaps would require countless hours of additional research. Thankfully, a CPA prep course gathers and distills all this information you for you. Specifically, a quality review course features expertly-authored materials that address every area of the exam content. So, purchasing a review course frees you to focus on mastering the material rather than compiling it for yourself.

2nd CPA Review Course Benefit: Knowledge and Skill Development
The best CPA review courses ensure that you reach the levels of knowledge and skill that you need to pass in time for exam day.

A good CPA course not only delivers the exam content, but it also measures your study progress. For this purpose, tools such as performance tracking software and study planners ensure that you efficiently review all of the exam material. A review course also monitors your understanding because the CPA Exam expects you to reach certain levels of skill with the exam content:

  • Remembering and Understanding: The perception and comprehension of the significance of an area utilizing knowledge gained.
  • Application: The use or demonstration of knowledge, concepts, or techniques.
  • Analysis: The examination and study of interrelationships of separate areas in order to identify causes and find evidence to support inferences.
  • Evaluation: The examination or assessment of problems and use of judgment to draw conclusions.

The CPA Exam uses multiple-choice questions, simulations, and written communications to determine if you have reached these skill levels. To this same end, CPA review courses include test banks of practice questions. These questions let you apply what you’re learning so your skill levels increase. An exam-emulating test bank also allows you to get comfortable with the exam format and functionality in advance. As a result, this familiarity builds your confidence and minimizes any surprises you may encounter.

3rd CPA Review Course Benefit: Support System
The best CPA review courses supply a support system for additional information, advice, and encouragement.

If you’d rather not take on the CPA Exam alone, I’ve got good news: Most CPA review courses provide some form of customer service. Depending on the course, you may be able to rely on friendly exam mentors to answer your questions, help you create your study plan, coach you through the course, encourage you during study struggles, and keep you on track to reaching your goals. Besides that, your course may also come with the aid of a technical team for resolving computer or course issues. Finally, you may even get to the chance to have questions and concepts explained to you by accounting experts and professors. You can usually talk with these members of your CPA Exam team via your phone, email, or course.

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