No connections? No problem. In this guide, we teach you exactly how to network your way into Big 4 recruiting events even if you know zero people. 

Recruiting events are the easiest way to get an offer to interview and we take you through the process from planning your targeted events to sending follow-up emails after.

What does the guide teach?

Getting into the Big 4 can require an introduction to the right person. For many people, this comes from the connections their university or their personal circles bring. Some of us need to network our own way in.

Inside this guide, we show you how to earn a spot at Big 4 “Meet the Firm” networking events using a few simple tools that we’ve built to reach out cold, secure at a spot at the event, and make a great impression. 

You’ll receive:


A full guide to planning your networking strategy


How to get invited to and crush Meet the Firm events

LinkedIn and email templates that get responses

Cold call scripts to get through and break the ice

How to use Facebook and Twitter to get a Big 4 interview


Find out what not to do to disqualify yourself

Who’s the guide for?

If you want to get a warm introduction to the firm, secure an invitation to a Meet the Firm event, or get an interview from a non-target school – you NEED to be networking into the firms.

For those who are new to networking, this guide will help you understand what separates successful applicants from those who get rejected.

Don’t miss this guide if you need an intro to a connection in the firm.

what have our customers said?

Kelly W. | Received Deloitte Offer

“I was able to answer almost all of my Deloitte interview questions based off the ones I read in the book. It was so much less stressful knowing that I would have good answers to the questions; I felt relaxed and it improved my performance.”

Blake F. | Internship Offer

“The answers the book gives to these questions really helped me to think about how I could frame my past experiences in class to get me a job. I was definitely way more prepared than I was last year.”

Kishan A. | Received PwC Offer

“I had done poorly on my first interviews last cycle – I used this guide for my phone interview and my super-day interviews and secured an offer to start in the next class in a large regional office focused on audit.”

Robert S. | Received Two Offers

“After missing out an internship going into my senior year, I was worried about recruiting. I used this to get some interviews on campus and wound up with two offers for post-grad. Thanks for the help.”