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Your interview is the make or break moment for your Big 4 career, don’t mess it up because you didn’t prepare. 

We’ve compiled an expansive list of real Big 4 interview questions so that you know exactly what to say in that final step of the process. 

I downloaded these questions free before I bought the Big 4 Blueprint and I’m happy that I did. These came in handy for my on-campus interviews, but really helped me on my final superdays with each firm. I had 5 interviews, all the Big 4 and some regional firms. I got three total offers. Would definitely recommend this to people trying to get in. 

Alex R. Class of 2018

Incoming Associate, Offers from 3/4 Firms - Undecided placement.

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What question answers does it provide?

  • “Why this firm and not the others?”
  • “Why public accounting as a career?”
  • “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”
  • 50+ more questions and case scenarios.